Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I Survive, loving Elshaddai

Dark, deviant scriptures and false heresies,
You have planted me in the midst of mine enemies, 
They call for my blood and the end of my tribes, 
They scheme and scheme, woe unto their scribes, 

They deceive and their deceiver mocks my existence,
They stand and plan to cut off my sustenance,
Scriptures have stood with the covenant everlasting,
I have given peace, by pieces; my own lands notwithstanding,

The blessings that thou had shed, desert that has blossomed,
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob you are the most awesome,
My King David had sung, the times that are to come,
I will relinquish every prophecy, all from you they have come,

The spirits that gathered on Mount Hermon,
Planned to decapitate my glories, they lay forlorn,
They will gather again and again till times end,
Elshaddai, you with me through every bend,

You had anointed me with your abundant mercies,
Am Israel, the apple of your eyes, under these hostile skies,
Establish thine righteousness in all your promised lands,
I am alone, none to comfort, but to you I turn and stand,

I am yours, Elshaddai for all the times,
Let there never be tears in all my rhymes,
They say the stones will speak me out,
And will establish my rout,

They blaspheme your name Elshaddai, blasphemers,
Their god is the chief of all schemers,
He schemes and schemes every report and release,
I await your feet on the mount, to see the ranting cease,

Have waited for eons and will wait forever more,
Bless those who seek peace within my shores,
Just let your mercies surround me all the more, stronger,
Elshaddai, my Lord, my God, my Savior, my Comforter.

Jesu Valiant

© Copyrighted 

Friday, April 11, 2008


There goeth thou man tight skinned,
That covereth the flesh that sinned,
Were you the one forged at eden?
Structured for glory, immortal zen?

Clawing from within your spirit yearns,
Lust stinking lust from rocks to ferns,
Your gray pulp moulded from fiery furnace,
Infused with knowledge to serve a purpose,

Yet the roots of your flesh cling to filth,
Your inner life damned, foul as sith,
Fornication beckons and tweeneth tight,
Like you it, and stand never to fight,

The crux of the universe faileth to behold,
A lost creation to darkness so sold,
Grave is the period, to the sentence of life,
Unravelling the enigma of the end to strife,

Encompassing the gates of yonder world,
Are the flames that draw into its grappling hold,
The soiled soul of thou man, tight skinned,
The sin bone deep, with marrows skimmed,

Destined to burn for eternity in the lake,
Lake of brimstone and lava, sins sake,
While you liveth, does not thine pulp churn,
Sin in the marrows, that now you burn.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Smell of the gun powder so intense,
Bodies splattered among the fence,
His gun grappled in his arms,
Night dark and fearful, its raining bombs,
He turns behind and sees life ebbing,
A man without a limb screaming,
The din of gunfire and the smoke enthralls,
He scampers for cover, fear calls,
The mounds of concrete and metal,
No rest for days, felling like in a hot kettle,
The earth shaking blasts that thunders,
When will his life wither, he ponders,
Hears the whistle of a flying bullet close,
A shell explodes close, injured blood flows,
Blood over his eyes, blinding his vision,
All his comrades captured or fallen,
Lone soldier he crawls without hope,
Over Rocks and metal, pain the yoke,
Seeing through the blood up in the sky,
Gunship choppers armed and high,
Scanning the ground to slaughter,
Life, at the mercy, soon to be a martyr?
Burnt bodies on which he crawls,
Red hot metal that cuts his flesh to fall,
Agony in knowing he is so very alone,
No energy, his morale to smithereens blown,
There crumbles a wall like a pack of cards,
He defies gravity everytime there is an explosion,
His body in the blast shock, confusion,
Revealing oncoming armoury with a platoon,
Armed to the teeth and his end soon,
There on the ground he lay still,
Saw his fallen comrade near, tears fill,
Who is his mother, where his dad?
What will they know, so very sad,
Is this why we are born? to die,
In the horror of the slaughter, he sighs,
When can humanity agree,
No peace but hate so free,
Pain in the flesh a common occurance,
As his foot is caught in the fence,
Sees at a distance the enemy armory,
As he searches, no ammunition for his weaponary,
Fastens his bayonet and decides to charge,
Scampering down the dirt mound facing the barrage,
Sees he a shell fired from a turret black,
Needs to take few lives down, injured but not slack,
Vison blurred, blood on face,
Clotted wrists, shocked and dazed,
As his movement down the mound,
There is a cracking and splattering sound,
A force that hits his chest and levitates him,
Thats the shell fired that hit him grim,
Falls he to the ground with a hole in his chest,
Flickering eyelids and he did his best,
The last man felled, the last man gone,
Tomorrow it will be you, this the war song,
Born to kill else born to die,
Motto of wars, nothing so I sigh,
There lies the man who never will crawl,
Nor ever can see a comrade fall.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

~ GirdLife ~

Girding my lions for your glory,
Will embark, a brand new story,
No anchors in this vile world,
Will deface my agony, bold,
What do I miss when I have you,
You on the cross, love so true,
My sheath now loaded,
I on a new journey boarded,
Will slit your enemy, dissect,
Spilling his filth, out eject,
Then will my cran' know truth,
Display mine association uncouth,
Come lord, I need to be blest,
I want to go, a new conquest,
Win as I pass, your glory witness,
Life in your shadow, no bitterness,
Never leave me out of sight,
Can ne'er survive without your light,
Cover my soul lest it be lost,
Mark me purchased, for your blood's cost,
When I this ill world leave,
Need no one to bereave,
Let my generation end this time,
Not let my flesh compose a rhyme,
This valiant needs one crevice,
In your shadow, care suffice.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hiDeOus DeSirEs | desirectomy |

Jesu Valiant Poem-Hideous Desires

Why am I blinded in sin green,
Love the adultery, soul tween,
Forging alliance with darkness mean,
Running for an inheritence ne'er been,
My flesh in want, triggered by lust,
Rushes to plege, soul to dust,
Attracts mine mind, to the sawy bust,
Placing my heart, soul and trust,
Hand that seek to satisfy desires,
Why mine mind these filth, aspire?
Sweet pleasure sayeth body, quagmire,
Lust on my body burns as fire,
Save my soul, save my all,
Knowing in the harvest I will fall,
I satisfy my instinct that calls,
And loose my face tall,
Lord in the heavens, save me please,
I never should, my flesh appease,
Satan the lies lord, my emotions tease,
My soul in sin surely doth freeze,
Thaw me lord in thine warmth,
Save me from all the harm,
Will I be there to touch your garm',
Set my soul in accrodance to heavenly norm.


Jesu Valiant Poem-Real Lies

Vile women where will they rest,
They take my all, the very best,
Induce the passion for pleasure,
Mine soul seeking, develop fissure,
She of the kind, so uncouth,
Spoiling the goodness and truth,
Where their venom green,
Deep in my soul doth tween,
Sacrilege! human body, the temple,
Will I again in his presence assemble,
Lord forgive my being I sinned,
Thine words did not matter, sin pinned,
Wake my soul lord, take its pain,
Never want to sit in disdain,
You spilled your blood for me,
I spilled my lust in spree,
Where will I have the face,
I run back in my life's race,
Why does it hurt so much lord?
Is this a lesson I need? so hard?
My tears that matter to none,
know now lord I am done,
Cheated by satan, an experiment,
Wickedness in the depths that ferment,
Cast a spell on me and me so blinded,
Wake me up before I go withered,
When will I take your love and live?
Than to submit for illusions and bereave,
Take me in your sweet arms my god,
I do not want to resuced to a shard,
I am yours lord you are my maker,
You own my soul, you the taker,
WIll you call me soon where you feet lay,
I will worship you with all my say,
Take me in your care, I need it now,
I reap hate Jesus, when love I did sow,
Creator you know what I am to thee,
Just once more shower love on me,
Need it now else I will, my doom,
Remove the pain and all the gloom,
Love so displayed on golgotha tree,
Look down yet again down on me.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cauldron of Chances

Grotesque remains scattered around, of broken limbs and beheaded bodies,
All I wish is the mutilated remains of the winged dark angel the lord of lies ,
Canst thine mind so behold the sight that brings my soul up in glee,
As I high on the war cries see the dark legions hide and flee,
From dawn to dusk, the sights I see thrill my inner man and still it does,
Of all the slaughter and the cries of pain, increaseth my bloody lust,
Mine steel blade sinketh on one less a creature an inch too deep that splits its cran’,
As I turn to see the lord of lies, he brakes my tooth and sayeth “thou man”,
He knows not what I am meant to do, cause he knows nothing but filth beyond the blue,
His teeth like daggers out of their sheath, rusty in color with substance like glue,
Foul smelling air out of his mouth, like the chimney above a hundred morgues,
The breath of his nostrils sendeth a flame coupled with particle as a hundred fogs,
Scaly face no beauty to see, he must have spoiled his glories in dark’s darkness,
He looketh and thus he says “son of mortal arise to your doom”, “madness”,
I shriek with the final gust of strength, maybe I will or maybe I will not,
A legion of legions so huge to see, overshadows my steel that grandly fought,
I take a few steps behind too far, avoiding their shadow so massively dost fall,
While backing I climb on the pile of corpses, that my sword did fell,
What a fight I fought to this, still so more and more to sink, the agony,
Of the thought of me ebbing low to loose, “nay not me” I fought to rein,
Mine strength from its last reserves, mine courage from seeing the slain,
The slushy remains entangle in legs, my feet sinketh, no not my will,
A thundering voice, nay but roar, ripped the air that shattered my shield,
Holding its arm lock I wield the frame, shouting aloud “ I will not yield”,
Memories flash, the days where fun was my mate, twist in fate?
On wine so sweet on mine lips that did help mine brain, sedate,
When filthy deeds from the darkest place did my mind so faithfully tween,
On what thoughts that mine mind so raced, among the filth between,
Now as I am standing to deface, the old enemy who rid my pride,
I stood all day, prayed all night, to vanquish this creature and all its tide,
Now I stand without my shield, after vanquishing half its regions,
Mustering some energy with which I stood so tall among the legions,
“Here I am” I shouted aloud, that drained the energy I so mustered,
Lifting the sword with the cry maxim’, I heard something strike me like a thunder,
Lifting my body which fell so down, looking up ahead at mine sword that was yonder,
“Strike me filthy swine”,” I win when I loose, and you loose when you win”
Satanic laughter surrounds me uncouth; flames from hell lick my legs so thin,
Thin with fear of losing my life, in the hands of the demon from the pit,
Can’st some hand give me the strength to strike him down and doth hit,
His pride as he did to me on that fateful day, will I not somehow manage to strike,
And make him cower and feel the pain, agony hundredfold as in earnest do like,
I felt a cold hold on my back realizing am lifted up, the evil presence of the fleet,
Of tens of thousands of the damned, surround my every inch and in chorus beat,
The voice of darkness in the din, “you had disturbed me from my mission sweet”,
“I the supreme of heavens and earths look at the creator of this place”,
“Where thine powers so as to call, eat my destruction on creations I graze”,
“This planet you created under my dispose, out of thine sight,
“Keep thine heavens out of my sight, else I’ll be there to set it alight”,
“Blasphemy, blasphemy filthy lair, lord of lies and seepage of lust,”
“Cry against my maker, you the filth, scaly serpent and wicked opportunitist,”
My voice like that never before, in mid air, I drop to ground,
Opening my sore eyes to see in sight something found,
My sword lifting it high, the gleam on it for as to see,
“Father of filth, look at me, cause me not to loose more strength, my sword to thee”,
I plunge ahead so as to find that I have collapsed down near his feet,
As I lay sapped of energy, mine eyes with those of the legions did meet,
Hollow, as they were, eyes so red as made of brimstone,
Their formation stretched as far as the eyes could see, I all alone,
Their open mouth with foot long teeth, sunk the thought that I am left to die, I frowned,
Die so I will but burdened at the thought of my inability to strike the beast at its crown,
All those glorious childhood dreams of dying a valiant, half true and incomplete,
I wanted to take the death with my head lifted high, chest forward and him so meet,
All the plans of decapitating him of his head and filthy glory,
But now here I am with my mission in complete, a different story,
I the least on all the battle field, with a host of legions overlooking,
My sword laid down, no strength to do the carrying,
As the clouds began to darken, the stench of many a million corpses rose,
I so sapped of all morale and energy, uttered a last prayer, to give up my ghost,
By falling on my sword, the last thing a man can do,
I heard the laughter so vile, he must have guessed my move,
What the pain? What the agony? Need I say more,
All the fight I fought and still all the more, so gore,
Will I reach Valhalla? Will it come to pass?
But it’s for those heroes; I am nothing but lost,
“God of heavens, my creator up above, save me and give me another chance”,
“I will strike him, he will ne’er on your creations dance”,
As my voice at the feeblest in all my life, hardly my ears could hear,
As I held my sword to my chest, for it to plunge,
Into my hearts and this my final lunge,
I heard a rumble as that of an earthquake so distant,
I heard the vile noises go down in unison and chant,
“He is here the Great one”, I scampered on my feet,
There descended a light blue and soft, what a gentle heat?
I felt the warmth so wondrous, a touch from the yonder?
The foundations of my soul touched as never,
There was a jerk that shook my all, I opened mine eyes,
I lay on solid ground, facing the blue skies,
Gathering my new strength and looking at the horizon,
Seeing the fields, flowers, but where has he gone,
Lucifer and his legions, the thought made my fingers grasp the sword,
I pulled it out of my sheath, suddenly a mark on the soil, a word,
“Chance”, I guessed it was given to me, so fair,
I stood and walked knowing yet again I will meet Lucifer again in his lair.
As I know deep down that there will be his horde, for my blood,
Waiting for me, this time there will be more, I will be ready with my sword.

To Lucifer My Sword

The shield doth glitter on my chest so grand,
As I on my journey to restore the land,
Which was plundered by the dark of the darkest,
Nay lord let me not lose, save me cause am blest,
By the covenant t’was born on the years before,
I on this mission so noble, t’is an honor to be at fore,
My sword so heavy, will surely does split the damned throat,
And now as saying I do feel the pleasure it gives, I will have wrought,
The agony experienced on my land, a million more on the legions,
Wherewith I will slaughter flesh to bones, from vales over mountains,
Arm me still my lord, cause I in my valor thou gifted must finish, what,
The dark sought standing before your will and fought,
Over my life on the thirty feet at seventy, you did pull me out,
From death that started sucking me in its uneasy mire,
Give me the power so grand on thine wings of fire,
Let me finish what the early serpent had started,
Giving a taste of his own measure, he meted,
And hold his magnificent bejeweled crown,
Smiting it and so bringing him down,
On his knees will he fall as he once did so in overwhelm,
Is this I seek so sincere from my heart, happen in this realm,
Can the scriptures hold this my ask oh lord,
As I your ark so steadfastly want to guard,
This as my mission am willing to embark,
And quench my thirst with the blood of the dark,
Give me I ask thee, the power to wreak,
Havoc on the entire fleet of the legions that seek,
More of thine creations and plans to smudge,
As they did to me on that dark day,
Let it not happen I in sincere do pray.
Save me still even if I fall in the un-wanting debacle,
Pull me out from among the wretched tentacles,
I still know my loving lord of mercy, that in all earnest,
Still you want to hold me in thine arms, embrace me and say am blest.