Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Jesu Valiant Poem-Real Lies

Vile women where will they rest,
They take my all, the very best,
Induce the passion for pleasure,
Mine soul seeking, develop fissure,
She of the kind, so uncouth,
Spoiling the goodness and truth,
Where their venom green,
Deep in my soul doth tween,
Sacrilege! human body, the temple,
Will I again in his presence assemble,
Lord forgive my being I sinned,
Thine words did not matter, sin pinned,
Wake my soul lord, take its pain,
Never want to sit in disdain,
You spilled your blood for me,
I spilled my lust in spree,
Where will I have the face,
I run back in my life's race,
Why does it hurt so much lord?
Is this a lesson I need? so hard?
My tears that matter to none,
know now lord I am done,
Cheated by satan, an experiment,
Wickedness in the depths that ferment,
Cast a spell on me and me so blinded,
Wake me up before I go withered,
When will I take your love and live?
Than to submit for illusions and bereave,
Take me in your sweet arms my god,
I do not want to resuced to a shard,
I am yours lord you are my maker,
You own my soul, you the taker,
WIll you call me soon where you feet lay,
I will worship you with all my say,
Take me in your care, I need it now,
I reap hate Jesus, when love I did sow,
Creator you know what I am to thee,
Just once more shower love on me,
Need it now else I will, my doom,
Remove the pain and all the gloom,
Love so displayed on golgotha tree,
Look down yet again down on me.

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