Wednesday, January 31, 2007

~ GirdLife ~

Girding my lions for your glory,
Will embark, a brand new story,
No anchors in this vile world,
Will deface my agony, bold,
What do I miss when I have you,
You on the cross, love so true,
My sheath now loaded,
I on a new journey boarded,
Will slit your enemy, dissect,
Spilling his filth, out eject,
Then will my cran' know truth,
Display mine association uncouth,
Come lord, I need to be blest,
I want to go, a new conquest,
Win as I pass, your glory witness,
Life in your shadow, no bitterness,
Never leave me out of sight,
Can ne'er survive without your light,
Cover my soul lest it be lost,
Mark me purchased, for your blood's cost,
When I this ill world leave,
Need no one to bereave,
Let my generation end this time,
Not let my flesh compose a rhyme,
This valiant needs one crevice,
In your shadow, care suffice.

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