Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hiDeOus DeSirEs | desirectomy |

Jesu Valiant Poem-Hideous Desires

Why am I blinded in sin green,
Love the adultery, soul tween,
Forging alliance with darkness mean,
Running for an inheritence ne'er been,
My flesh in want, triggered by lust,
Rushes to plege, soul to dust,
Attracts mine mind, to the sawy bust,
Placing my heart, soul and trust,
Hand that seek to satisfy desires,
Why mine mind these filth, aspire?
Sweet pleasure sayeth body, quagmire,
Lust on my body burns as fire,
Save my soul, save my all,
Knowing in the harvest I will fall,
I satisfy my instinct that calls,
And loose my face tall,
Lord in the heavens, save me please,
I never should, my flesh appease,
Satan the lies lord, my emotions tease,
My soul in sin surely doth freeze,
Thaw me lord in thine warmth,
Save me from all the harm,
Will I be there to touch your garm',
Set my soul in accrodance to heavenly norm.

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